The main concern of the Association of Social Workers, as manifested through the objectives undertaken since founded, is focused on the extent to which the association could offer its direct services in the field of social care and guidance. Unrestricted in their meetings on the family, the basic unit in the society’s structure, the social care and guidance exceed this principle to wider frame for social structure, various social setups, type of relations prevailing among these setups, and the family, as known, is one of these essential setups, in the community.
Hence, the Association of social workers views that its task may not be perfected and integrated in its exemplary form and its objectives would not find its way to fulfillment unless through the establishment of a technical office able to present its direct services to individuals as well as various social organizations.

However, the state predominated in the past period and the urgent needs to attend to the actual family structure in Kuwait motivated the association of social workers to establish an office for family guidance and consultation aiming at providing social, legal and economical consultations to families seeking such consultations and apply for them in addition to assisting the authorities interested in family affairs through presenting views and proposing the appropriate policy in this area and executing protective programmers directed to protection of the family, cohesion of its members, perform their basic duties towards upbringing the new generation and also to contribute in social researches performed to identify the dimensions of the problems encountered by the family and the social, economic, cultural, recreational and health services forwarded to it.

With the new economical changes experienced by the societies of the world, one of which the Kuwait society, and its direct influence on human activities as a whole, an increasing concern appeared among the officials interested on society affairs to expand the direct support and care basis of the whole Kuwait society embracing the various categories, sectors and organizations. This concern was reflected directly on activity future planning of the association of social workers, specifically in the chairman’s office whereas the board’s proposal came side with these changes when choosing a new name for the office as (Social Care and Guidance office) and other accompanying evident changes in its objectives, related work methods, the organizations structure, and the methods for financial and monetary support.

The social care and Guidance office, in its recent form in considered a new specific transfer for the association’s work objectives, and to carry out the office’s goals as well as making it as focal point for the public beneficiary societies on the one hand and the voluntary activities with direct positive results for government institutions and private institutions on the other hand.

Regulations for the office of Guidance and Social Care
First: the objectives of the office
1-  To spread awareness among the people on the importance of benefitting from the social services by the may Government, public benefit societies and private institutions in order to decrease life burdens and the pressures they encounter.
2-  To provide people with the sufficient and accurate information on the departments, institution and bodies providing services in Kuwait.
3-  To provide continuous co-operation between the office and other social institutions and referring appropriate cases to such institutions.
4-  To provide advice for individuals and families facing social problems.
5-  To conduct social researches and studies to identify the reasons and factors leading to problems facing the society.  
6-  To draw attention to the importance of participation in voluntary social work, adopting self-selected solutions and assisting in serving the others, all within the recognized goals of the association.
7-  To co-operate with the responsible authorities in solving problem facing the society in general and in particular those related to the unity of the Kuwait family and laying down preventive measures and of suitable solutions thereof.
8-  To provides as for as possible educational services to nationals and non-nationals.

Second: Methods of Functioning
The Office performs its duties through:
1- Receiving families and individuals in need of help directly or through private or public authorities.
2- Initiation of studies research and social awareness programmers to achieve the objectives of the association.
3- Establishing relations with official and voluntary bodies with common objectives in order to co-operate to control social problems.
4- Carrying social research as may be necessary to determine and provide assistance to individuals as needed.
5- Establishing relations with individuals, private and governmental authorities capable of supporting the objectives of the office and rendering material, technical and moral assistance to fulfill its responsibilities and programmes.

Third: Office staff
A. Office Management Committee:
The Board of Directors shall form an office management committee consisting of not less than 5 members  including the Treasures of the Association. The duties of the committee are as follows:
1-- Supervise the function and activities of the office
2- Propose the annual draft budget and aspects of expenditure therein.
3- Collect Donations and Grants.
4- Submit Annual Reports concerning the activities of the office to the Board of Directors.
5- The Committee meets monthly of whenever needed, to look in to the affairs to the office.
6- The Board of Directors may accept the resignations of committee members or order their dismissal if they fail to fulfill their duties.

B. Office Secretariat
The Secretariat shall have the following duties:
1- Prepare draft agenda for the sessions and supervise preparations of the minutes thereof.
2- Follow-up with the relevant authorities the recommendation and resolutions passed by the office management committee.
3-3- Prepare and submit to the office management committee regular reports indicating the percentage of implementation of previous committee resolutions and the obstacles and difficulties facing the secretariat. 
4- Prepare and follow up correspondence related to the business of the office.  
5- Supervise the committee secretariat and its archives.
6- Assists in public relation activities of the office.

Fourth: Office Financing Sources
The office is financed through the following sources:
1-  Donations, Gifts and Grants bestowed by individuals and institutions.
2-  Incomes from parties and other office activities.
3- Percentage of the Annual Association’s budget as shall be determined by the Board of directors. 
4-  Percentage of the income from research and studies published by the association.
5- Income of student sponsorships either in general education or higher education.
6- Any other incomes acceptable to the Association’s Board of Directors.